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Chicken, Sage and Stilton Burger

I've hit a nice balance with this burger. Chicken fried in olive oil with sage and stilton, served on a toasted bun with nectarine, rocket and mayo. This burger hit a beautiful balance, creamy, umami, sweet and pepper. The blue cheese flavour is light, pleasant, and not overpowering. I really enjoyed this burger and I think you all will too.


2 Crusty Rolls

3 Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs

1 Nectarine cut into slices about 3mm thick

A Couple of Handfuls of Rocket 100g Stilton or other crumbly blue cheese

A small handful of torn sage



Olive Oil

Spicy Mustard (optional)


Cut the chicken into thin strips. In a non-stick frying pan, heat to a medium high heat, then add a lug of olive oil. Fry hard until it's browning and crispy on the outside, then add the sage leaves.

Once the chicken is just cooked (test by cutting a strip at it's fattest point), crumble in the Stilton. It'll melt through and disappear. Cook until the nice and sticky. Salt lightly and pepper well.

Toast your buns

Swirl some mayonnaise on both the lid and heel, add a smearing of spicy mustard as well if you like. Chicken with some sage leaves and leftover scrapings, a few slices of nectarine, rocket and the other lid.


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