Trekking down the road of Sous Vide with a five day sous vide brisket, destined for a sandwich.

Vegan Magic Salt

Like fried food? So does my Vegan Magic Salt. This stuff brightens anything it touches.

My Chimichurri

This is how I make my chimichurri - I tend to freestyle with whatever I've got, but I'm a big fan of this combo.

My Scrambled Eggs

Moving into #breakfastweek, here is a little look at how I like to make scrambled eggs. A little like an omelette but quickly folded to trap all the moisture and creaminess inside!

Pork and Courgette Rolled Roast

Finally exercising the video muscle in my brain. I spent 6 years at university studying it, so I may as well use it. The video to the left is the first visual recipe, Pork and Courgette Rolled roast on a bed of rustic mashed potatoes with a delicious pork gravy.

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