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Breakfast Cheesecake (without Cheese!)

It's time to change breakfast. I'm sick of all the usual, over-sweet stuff that comes in your day to day cereals. I recently was given a couple of packets of High Protein Muesli by the High Protein Breakfast Company and was given a briefing to unleash the cereal across a few recipes - and this was the first, the first of seven. This is a Breakfast cheesecake. The base is the Muesli, bound together with a homemade lemon syrup, topped with greek yoghurt, adorned with berries and more muesli. If only breakfast was like this every day.


- Knife

- Non-Stick Frying Pan

- Flexible spatula

- Pot


- High Protein Muesli, berry flavour, or for international readers, a natural muesli will work.

- Fresh Berries

- Half a cup of frozen berries.

- Lemon Juice - 1 cup

- Optional for people who are in a rush - golden or maple syrup.

- Greek Yoghurt


In a nonstick frying pan, pour in your lemon juice and reduce on a medium heat until sweet and sticky.

If you want to cheat this, it's equally as delicious with maple syrup or golden syrup. You can add a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice and reduce it down too, if you like the tang.

Caramelize the sryup by keeping the heat up until it starts to darken. Then, add the muesli, about four tablespoons to the frying pan. Mix and press together, the caramelized syrup will bind the muesli. Form into a square. Or any shape you like, for that matter. Turn off heat and wait to cool down.

Add a splash of water to half a cup of frozen berries in a pot. Heat the berries until they begin to break down. Turn off heat.

Transfer the muesli square to a plate. Dollop in or pipe greek yoghurt on top. Strain the juice from the berries onto the cake.

Adorn the plate with free strawberries, more muesli, and the heated berries.


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