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Anchovy and Basil Bruschetta

My Italian housemate Mirella came back from Waitrose the other day with something I'd never tried before. Anchovies marinated in a sweet vinegar with parsley. Now, I'm used to ordinary, super salty fillets that come in tins. But these. These were a revelation for my tastebuds! This bruschetta is a scene from Southern Italy. Super easy recipe follows!


Vinegar Pickled Anchovies (alici)

Fresh Italian Tomatoes, diced

Fresh Basil

Olive Oil

White Crusty Bread




Slice bread about 1.5cm thick. Brush each side with olive oil and toast in a hot frying pan. Do each side until brown in parts and crispy all over.

Arrange with 4-5 anchovies per slice, basil leaves and tomato chunks.

Grind pepper and salt on top. Serve warm. Fastest recipe ever.


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