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Succulent Pork Steak and Dill Butter

Pork scotch steaks are succulent, packed full of flavour and often half the price of it's beefy cousin. It is for that reason, that I'll get a fillet on a regular basis. Indulge in the rich porky taste, the delicious fatty marbling that lines your mouth with every bite, coating it in pleasure. If there every was a meat worthy of foodporn: it's this cut. While not so fatty as pork belly, you can eat more and still feel satisfied but not sick. With the addition of dill butter and oregano mushrooms, you're on a fast track to heaven.


Sharp Knife




Frying Pan

Paper Towel


1 x 250g Pork Steak

5-6 Button Mushrooms

Fresh Oregano leaves, about 5

Dried Dill

25g Butter





In the microwave on half-power (around 500w) heat the butter for 1 minute until very soft. You want this to be soft enough that it's mixable, but not a liquid. Once done, add a teaspoon of dill. Stir in thorough and put in the fridge for 25 minutes.

Pat your steak dry with a paper towel and then salt generously. Pork likes salt. It firms up the top, and dries it out for a more crispy crust. Leave that for five minutes.

Quarter your mushrooms and set aside.

Preheat a frying pan until it's screaming hot - a drop of water should hiss and dance across the surface. Oil the pan - about a tablespoon of oil should suffice. Drop the pork steak in. Leave it there, don't move it! Letting it stay still will encourage and nice crunchy surface.

Flip after a minute and half and add your mushrooms to the side, along with the oregano. Got a minute and a half each side for four flips. That should give you a delicious salty crust. Go longer if you want it cooked more, but medium is great for pork steak, in my opinion.

Rest the steak for three minutes on a chopping board. Lower the heat, and gently continue to saute the mushrooms. They'll shrink a little bit while the steak rests.

Once done, serve with the mushrooms on top with a knob of dill butter and a sprinkling of cracked black pepper.


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